Fauna recently came through in a channel I was doing for a person and it was my first time in channeling her.  In her presence, I have never felt more connected to the Earth, the Moon and myself.  She returned with a message she wanted me to share with others.  It’s a short message but she felt the empathy for our Earth is lacking and we are continually becoming increasingly disconnected to Earth and therefore, ourselves.   We tend to look skyward forgetting we are very much of Earth.  While her message is simple, it is profound in the space she creates in which the Divine Presence of Gaia, Fauna and ourselves can be felt as one.

Sun is high,  Dead season’s passed

Moss blanket’s here,  As snow melts fast

The green of new,  And waters flow

Luna’s muse,  Down here below

Celestial dance,  between Sun and Moon

equal now in Earth’s triune

Fauna, our feminine Pan, treads tenderly through the new shoots of spring. She breathes life into the stark and bare tree, warming it’s roots and nurturing new buds. She is Earth. She is renewal and life. She is of Elemental and Undine. Salamandar and Sylph. Her head is adorned with a metal plate of the crescent moon. As it lays supine upon her forehead, it draws meaning as the horn of cow, in compliment to her masculine counterpart, Pan.

Her crescent horn is the acknowledgment of her part in the creation of Earth and her companion, the Moon. She is our Earthbound Mother. She brings a message of healing.

And we begin…

My roots into Earth are deep and tangled, intertwined with soil and spirit of Gaia. As yours are also. You are of Earth and have been molded and cast as earth in human form. Her grains of sand and metals infuse your physical being with life. Do you not feel this when you dig your hands into the soil? When you plant and toil? Then why is she left to suffocate in a pile of refuse?

Earth has been layered in asphalt and concrete. Buildings and vehicles. Inorganic material has caused her suffocation in part, plastic and pollution.  Where is the solution?  Parts of her can no longer breathe freely as little room has been left for her to expand and merge with air. Layers and layers have been thrown upon her, stifling her voice and constricting her breath. What can be done?  Will she ever see rest?  Can all the layers be peeled away to leave her ground exposed and raw so that it can finally heal?

Perhaps there is something to be done. You must begin by treasuring the space she has provided you and tread lightly upon her . Feel her stabilizing power in your personal space and feel it reflect in your centre of Sun. Find a patch of Earth, whether in nature or your own yard, and place your hands upon her. Breathe deep, filling your lungs and feeling their expansion. Keep ever present in your mind that you are Earth, you are not merely connected to her, you are Her and your lungs are her lungs. Breathe in knowing she is breathing through you. As you breathe, feel Earth expand and breathe with you. Breathe together knowing you are one.  It’s so very elementally done.

In this space of unity, commune with her and listen. She will guide you in the steps you need to take. Be ever thoughtful and kind in her care. Plant seeds of flowers and seeds of action. Tend to them and they will flourish.

Channelled by Jai Reed